Friday, August 20, 2004

Quick Thought

In class today there were some kids that raised their hand every time a question went out. I believe the name attached to them is 'gunner'. I think I know who they are. I will later tell if I was correct or incorrect. Also during the break, classes are long and we have a little break in the middle, some girl runs up to the professor to argue her point. I have heard that after class there are people that literally run up to the professor to start asking questions. I will deem them runners. This girl was doin a bit of runnin and gunnin today. I think i'll make that joke tomorrow. People sitting next to me in class will laugh because they understand. Actually i'll wait until someone identifies here as a gunner and then someone else says yeah she also runs up to the professor right after class and during break. On second though I will not do this. I will only leave it up on this site and that will be the last I ever say about it. I don't think it will be funny to anyone. All that will happen is you get one of those forced laughs where people know you made a joke that wasn't funny at all, but since they are polite they force out a laugh anyways.


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