Friday, August 06, 2004

Please help me out here.

So I watch a lot of political television. I have two things here to rant about. First, please no more musicians or actors trying to enter the political frey. I definitely do not want to hear anymore political advice from Gene Simmons. Likewise the Dixie Chicks need to look for some more wide open spaces and leave the political arena alone. Anyone that actually changes their vote or has their position reassured from hearing Ben Affleck speak has to be kidding theirself. I don't think we need any more multi-millionares telling us how middle america feels and thinks. We already have two of those running for President and that is by far enough.
One other thing about politics is I want to know if anyone can tell me what John Kerry will do as President of the United States. I mean all he says is that he will fight a better war on terror and he will create more jobs and he will get other nations behind us. Seriously can anyone tell me how he is going to do this? I have never heard him make any statement that is more concrete than an outline. If I turned in a proposal to my boss that was fashioned after one of his speeches I would get fired immediately. I mean can you really be happy knowing that your party is running you not as a candidate in your own right, but as an alternative. His own party said that they didn't want him defining the issues because he could come out too strong one way or the other and lose voters. I pose this as a challenge to the two or maybe even three people that actually take their time to read this to explain to me what he is going to do in some more acute a sense.


At 5:22 PM, Blogger Courtney said...

I have to agree with u on the whole kerry thing. a good comment from jay leno "The Secret Service has announced it is doubling protection for John Kerry. You can understand why- with two positions on every issue, he has twice as many people mad at him. "

your posts are definitely keeping me entertained


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