Thursday, August 26, 2004

meat on the street

I don't know how I feel about getting meat from the street vendors. It just doesn't seem that sanitary to me. It makes me think of that Simpsons episode where they head to NY. Pretty funny stuff. I just see them carting that stuff around and it doesn't look good. I really have serious doubts that you can store meat at a cool temperature as to keep it from spoiling all day in a cart that doesn't have any refrigeration. Total change of subject. I just got off the phone so that whole bit about crappy meat from a cart; yeah i'm over it. A couple rabbits die. People eat gross meat. whatever. I just saw a commercial for 'extreme makeover'. I think that I am gonna add that to my prenuptial agreement. Wifey has to have an extreme makeover every ten years or every 50 pounds. Whichever comes first. That would be good I think. Also the wb network should be cancelled. Without cable I am forced to see what is on it. I'll give you a hint, nothing. Apparently something about amish people in california. Hey guess what wb executives. amish people are boring. I am sorry but they are. that is just life. It's like if mtv's real world was cast with all young professionals that work for 90 hours a week. Nothing would happen. drunk stupid crazy people are more fun to watch. one of the amish people thought she was so crazy cause she got a belly button ring. it's like middle school 90210. anyways


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