Friday, August 06, 2004


I read a lot about people giving advice for the LSAT. I ran over one opinion that I just cannot back. This person writes about how when you are studying your whole non-working life should be the LSAT. They said that you should forgo women, or men for women, and a social life and drinking and having fun for studying the LSAT. While one or two weeks before the test this is probably a good idea, but this person was talking about doing this for months. My thought is that if you have to study that hard for the LSAT then you probably are not cut out for law school. I mean don't get me wrong I studied a lot. I think though, if you have to shut out the outside world, this person also said to cut yourself off from local and national politics and only pay attention to the LSAT, then you are probably gonna go crazy. I mean think of just practicing for one three hour test for three months time. You would go nuts. If you find that you have to do this good rethink law school. Of course if you can do this than you probably have a lot of dedication which will help you to succeed. Either way just studying for one test and not going out and shutting out the outside world is no way to live. Sorry about all the rants today. People are just weird. it's time to head back to the Alma Mater so that I can spend one last weekend making my liver hate me.


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