Sunday, August 15, 2004

little bit about law school

So i just got back from orientation. here is the gist of it. Went to meet with orientation counselor. Spent five minutes going over what they gave us and hour to go over. Went to the bar. Had some drinks. Went to listen to some speakers. They were pretty good, but they did talk a lot. Imagine that, a bunch of lawyers being long winded. Heard a good lawyer joke. Went back to a reception. Was told to go to the bar tonight. Was given a map of all the bars in the area. So what have we learned. The first thing is that all people in law school are lushes. Not neccessarily the blacking out drinking drunks, but the lets drink all day long drunks. Also lawyers know that everyone makes lawyer jokes, but right after the joke everyone then asks them legal advice. They know that everyone needs them. They also know they make a lot of money. Also what is with all this planning and reading. Seriously I think tomorrow I have a meeting to plan to plan to make a plan to formulate a plan to add to index B in the planning manual. Lawyers are paid by the hour and I think my first real legal lesson is how to take something that could actually take five minutes and stretch into three weeks worth of work. Seriously think about it, my next three days consist of going to class that teaches us what it will be like to go to class. Doesn't anyone else see the irony here. I now know that I will be reading more than humanly possible. And everyone says only top 5% of the class get the classy six figure job and not to expect it. This coming from a person that is already three drinks deep at three in the afternoon who also said she carved her schedule around happy hours. So it appears I have two paths, be filthy rich or be filthy drunk. both appealing to me. Anyways I have to go read subsection eight of appendix D so that I can appear before subcommittee A and B and report on how planning to plan is really better than just planning alone because then your planning goes more smooth and also a brief aside on how planning to plan to plan makes the whole process three times better. My report will then be bound for publication and then bound better for publication in a bigger book and then put in a huge hardback book on planning speeches and how to prepare for them. NO actually I am going to the bar. I have now officially taken one step down lush road. Hopefully somewhere there is a thru street leading to filthy rich road. Seriously there are 8 million thru streets in New York and you can't turn until 8th street between eight to five monday thru friday. New Yorkers will get that joke. goodbye


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