Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Top five things you should not look at on your laptob while in Torts class:

1. Porn-I even think that we signed something saying we wouldn't.
2. Purses and sundresses-if you are male. And yes this does mean that a guy was doing that. people talk dude.
3. Espn.com-it is too distracting and makes me think about pre-season football.
4. Anything related to Torts-seriously you don't need to start looking up stuff on the internet to make sure your ass kissing is squarely planted. It's just annoying.
5. Solitare-law school students are proably the best of all post-grad students at solitare. If I see the cards fly across the screen one more time I will throw your computer out the window.

One quick note: Please leave comments. I know that at least two people read this and I write about serious stuff sometimes so if you think I am full of it then go ahead and let me have it. Also feel free to post my link anywhere. Just don't put it there and say it is me in the same thing. cool.


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