Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Leaving Home

I didn't really think about it but I have never lived more than an hour from Salem. I can't wait to be a couple states away. I really don't know/talk to anyone that still lives here. I sit around the house a lot now that I am away from Blacksburg and am fairly unproductive. I've also decided that a town that drives on average ten miles under the speed limit should raise each speed limit by fifteen miles an hour. Also if the only time you actually make national news is when it talks about your way higher than average divorce rate you may need to start thinking about disbanding and starting all over. I imagine if my mom and dad didn't live here then I would never come here again. It's nice hanging out with your parents. I am glad to be able to see them for a while before I leave.

Also I am glad to leave some girls behind. Some their fault but most my fault. It's nice to be able to start over again. Now when somebody sees something about somebody cheating on someone I will no longer hear a story about my freshman year.

That is all for now. I am sure that after this weekend especially posts will begin to get more humorous and less reflective. I am new at this so we'll see.


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