Saturday, August 28, 2004

Lazy Bums

I mean this literally. I saw one bum today in grand central station and that guy wasn't even awake. I mean c'mon buddy. He was sitting the the little space inbetween the up and down escelator. If you are going to beg for money than at least be awake for it. This was not compelling at all for me. I mean I have seen some bums with some pretty good ideas. Many say they have kids and they can't get a job, blah blah blah..... That is decent because it gets out of towners to donate. You see this a lot in big tourist centers. People from here are thinking 'yeah you can't get a job because you spend your days begging on the subway'. I think I would be more impressed if they brought a kid with them. Obvioiusly physical disfigurement is probably the best. That really tugs at the heart strings. I also saw a protestor who was hating on our economic policy and everybody needs to be above the poverty level and it is everyone's duty to do this. This same protester then scoffed at a bum who asked him for money. Ideology and practice don't always link up I guess.

Maybe something funny will happen tomorrow. I blame my lack of intersting posts on two things: 1 law school keeping me to busy, which does two things. A it keeps me busy and I dont' have time to think up funny lists and B it takes up my time and I don't get to be out in the world having things happen. 2 not enough interesting stuff is going on. Usually a trip to midtown creates a plethera of material. Today it was just blase. Not good, maybe during my run tomorrow some crazies will be out.


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