Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Law School Has Begun

so yeah it has started. Everyone is officially 'scared straight' so to speak. We had a meeting today about case briefing and about time management. Listen to what the woman said "You should have 7 hours of free time every week. That should be plenty of time to have a life". so that is kind of scary. Yeah tell me about it. I don't want to talk about law school right now because I am dreading it. Once I am into the work I will.
let me give all people in NY a warning. Don't go to the target on flatbush and atlantic ave in brooklyn. One huge mass of humanity. Just crazy stuff. Never have I seen a store that has an escelator for your shopping cart. It was ridiculous. Also you know that you are in the wrong place when you are really pissed that they don't even remotely have what you want and you are looking at something thinking how disgusting it is and some woman next to you, I am being nice calling this thing a woman, goes 'well isn't that just so pretty'. So I promptly left the store. Another bad sign is when the cops are running through the subway stop trying to 'catch' somebody. Doesn't make you feel too safe.
Get this story though. When originally shopping for shelves I went to a very expensive, trendy store. Really cool shelves, but a bit on the expensive side. The girl working there was probably the hottest girl I have ever seen in my life. I am walking in the subway today and she says hello and remembers my name. Yeah I am drawing a blank and she can see it and tells me her name. I still don't remember her, mostly because my brain has stopped becuase she is so hot. I mean she is really hot. I mean really hot. Seriously she is hot. so I tell her I am going to target to look for shelves. She kind of snickers then gets on the train. Now that target sucked I have to face going back into her store to get the expensive shelves. Hopefully I can tell her the story and she will agree and then want to go back to my place. Pushing it? yes. I guy has to have dreams though. I mean she was really, really hot. Anyways I think that was my full allotted free time for the day. Back to the salt mines. figuratively of course


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