Wednesday, August 04, 2004

First Post

so i've decided to do a blog about law school and my life. I feel a bit of an egomaniac for doing this, but I think it will serve kind of as a journal of how I feel when going through this tumultous time. Many others have done it and I think it will be good for me.

I leave in exactly one week. I have some fears and I am really excited about some things. i believe the things I am excited about are fairly self explanatory. my fears revolve mostly around my roomate. I am back in the situation where a roomate is assigned to me. Last time this happened I ended up with quite a character. This kid proposed to his girlfriend online, twacked to cartoon porn, never did laundry, wore the same dirty clothes all semester, and then he left to pursue his dreams, which were to work in the fast food industry in Ohio. Not exactly the college experience I wanted. Of course I have talked to my new roomate and he doesn't seem anything like the first kid. Also we are in an apartment and not sharing one tiny room.

I know this is long and most, if any started at all, have stopped reading by now, but I think law schools really are preparing you to work for a big firm. I just got a package in the mail that contained a couple hundred pages of reading that are supposed to prepare us for our preparation to study law. That seems to me like basic billing 101. Only time will tell I am sure. Later I will post with what I hope to get out of law school and some comments about my hometown and why, after living back here for two weeks, I am even more ready to leave then when I was leaving for college. Thanks for reading!


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