Thursday, August 19, 2004

First day of real class

So law school is going to be really hard. Admittedly it was the first day and this is the first time doing things like we are doing. Even our teacher told us the whole practice of law is kind of like a fog. At one point you are immersed in the fog with no clue what is going on, but other times you are out of the fog and seeing things clearly. So basically the certainty many are looking for in the law isn't there. It is interesting though. The professors seem very intelligent. I imagine it is like learning a new language though. At first you have no clue what is going on, but as you began to put things together everything makes a little more sense. I think it deviates from learning a language in that in learning a language there is the point where you fully understand it. I don't think the law will come to that that point. I don't think there is actual full understanding and people, of whom are extremely bright, will always disagree. I just hope to get better at it.
On a lighter note I have decided that every errand in New York can be a fun one. I was heading to get gas turned on in our apartment. A seemingly boring task. At home I would have gone to my car and driven to the place and interacted only with the people in the business. In NY I got out into the city. I listened for five minutes as an apparent schizophranic, my spelling is way off here I am sure, went on about his philosophy in life. It got a little weird when he started yelling at someone who wasn't there and after that it was indistinguishable what he was saying. Also I have learned that the walk don't walk signs are merely a suggestion. I mean if it says walk there is always someone in a car taking a right and going through the lane. Also if it says don't walk people go anyways. I think they should just have signs that say don't cross if a car is crossing the cross walk. Maybe there were too many crosses in that statement. On a completely unrelated statement I think that pigeons hate me. Maybe there was something that I did to them as I child that I don't remember? I don't know at all. All I know is that three pigeons have run into me. I have asked around, at the amusement of some number of people, and they have never been hit by pigeons. I need to look into this a little more closely. That is about the amount of time I have for now. On saturday I am going to trek into manhattan. That usually helps me come up with some better observations. Outside of the law school bubble that is Joralemon street. Maybe I will chase some pigeons and try and instill some fear into them. Maybe in a big tourist area like times square. People would get a kick out of it.


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