Thursday, August 12, 2004

and I am all moved in

so yeah like I was talking about moving sucks. One hour driving around the same NYC block in a u-haul truck trying to find a parking spot is not pleasant. My freinds that helped me move in saved my life. I would still slowly be haulin my stuff in little by little and putting it down to use the key to open the door and then putting it down again to hit the elevator button. I'd have thousands of tickets and be in debtor's prison. I do love it here though. The city is a lot of fun and there is always something going on. Moving still sucks though. After this I will post a top five or ten reasons why moving crap from Virginia to New York sucks. Law school is about to start and I am looking forward to it. i finally got my room set up too. That took forever. So not much poignant talk here, but once school starts and my days consist of more than just unpacking boxes and drinking alcohol then I am sure it will pick up a bit.


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