Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I just want to make a quick observation about protestors. When someone from the 'A31 Action Coalition', or as it is called by it's members 'the Anarchist Collective', tells you that they were baited by police and that they didn't mean to perform an illegal act it is a bit hard to swallow. It's like a Nazi telling you that the police baited him into an anti-jewish sentiment. Come on now anarchists you really gotta think of some better way to claim it was the fault of the police. I suggest renaming your group. Anything that follows an anarchist protocol really is not gonna be looked on as an innocuous group. Anarchist means somone participating in anarchism. Anarchism means rejection of all forms of coercive control and authority. Now when you say you are anarchist, and then say you listened to the police when they told you to march on the sidewalk, then you are not an anarchist. It's like saying you are a vegeterian, but you eat meat. So either you can say you listened to the police and they arrested you for nothing, or you can claim your an anarchist group. sorry for the rant but something that is a contradiction in terms needs to be brought out.

Also I want it to be known that I chose to use the nicest definition of anarchism. It was the only one that you could use where it could almost justifiably be said that you whouldn't be arrested just for being an anarchist. Also the funniest comment of the day goes to a policeman wondering aloud why the protestors picked such a bad place for a protest "a lot of them are from out of town, and I think it was reflected in their choice of intersections". Ha Ha Ha. Law School has taught me to over analyze everything. Get ready for that when you start law school


Top five things you should not look at on your laptob while in Torts class:

1. Porn-I even think that we signed something saying we wouldn't.
2. Purses and sundresses-if you are male. And yes this does mean that a guy was doing that. people talk dude.
3. Espn.com-it is too distracting and makes me think about pre-season football.
4. Anything related to Torts-seriously you don't need to start looking up stuff on the internet to make sure your ass kissing is squarely planted. It's just annoying.
5. Solitare-law school students are proably the best of all post-grad students at solitare. If I see the cards fly across the screen one more time I will throw your computer out the window.

One quick note: Please leave comments. I know that at least two people read this and I write about serious stuff sometimes so if you think I am full of it then go ahead and let me have it. Also feel free to post my link anywhere. Just don't put it there and say it is me in the same thing. cool.

How not to start sentences

Nobody should ever start sentences with the words 'I think' unless they are talking about wine or food or some other completely subjective subject. When people are talking about the Constitution please don't began your sentence that way. It makes you sound like a third grader. "I think I like the Supreme Court because they get to wear robes"-anonymous 3rd grader. Seriously when you are talking about thinks like who has what power then it doesn't matter what you think. There is a right and a wrong and have a pair and at least be confident that what you are saying is right. If you don't know if it is right then don't talk. I feel like I hear people talking about what they did for summer vacation eighty times a day.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Quck comment of diversity

I just read a small article about where a yale professor responds to what some college kid said in a letter to the New York Times about diversity. http://www.nylawyer.com/news/04/08/081204h.html
He starts out by expounding on an elitist attitude that the kid will not get in with just good grades. He talks about how basically most people that apply don't get in. Thanks Yale professor. Thanks for removing us of the myth that it was easy to get into Yale Law School. Sarcasm should be noted here. Next he says that the numbers don't lie. He than doesn't really give us any substantive numbers. he says how the largest percentage of people ends up being white males and how when he went to law school they discriminated against women and minorities. This still doesn't answer the question.
Also, I think that there is a fundemental difference in their arguments. The kid is writing complaining that he may lose his spot to a less qualified student. He is saying that he may have better scores, but the other student is a minority and gets preference because of that. He never said that diversity is a bad thing. He is angry because he is not truly being evaluated on his merits. I think this is his argument, but I haven't read the article so I am just guessing based on what generally the argument is.
The yale guy is saying that this kids success "depends on blaming some group other than themselves". Isn't this exactly what the kid is complaining about? Someone says that they are disadvantaged because they have been underrepresented as a race, that being someone elses fault, and that they deserve a competitive advantage for this. Apparently white males can't make this argument but everyone else can. Then I am sure the Yale guy would answer me by saying that no we are not trying to wrong past injustice we are trying to create diversity, which, in fact, the Supreme Court said is a valid reason for admissions policies like ours. I think that this is a dire misunderstanding of what diversity is. Diversity, in this context, is said to bring new and unique viewpoints to the learning experience that all can benefit from. That is what flows from diversity. The only problem is that you can't prima facia assume that just because someone is a minority that they have a diverse viewpoint. I know many minorities that are much more 'mainstream' than I. So why is it automatic that they are more diverse than I. Bad argument professor.
Next I would say that the Yale person kills his own argument. He says that they only take the crust of the crust and that basically nobody gets in. If they have all these thousands of applications that they get and he wishes he could accept more than he can, then I am sure he can find qualified applicants with the same minority status that he wants whom have exceptional grades and exceptional LSAT scores. The way he talks about it he shouldn't have to dip into lower scores to secure his commitment to diversity. Also if you are so commiteed to diversity than wouldn't it be prudent to take kids that score far lower than everyone else. I mean if all you have are kids that scored in the top 5 percent of everything that is not a very diverse pool.
I think people get so stuck on this ideal of social justice they want to promote, that they sometimes will think of any reason they can to promote it. They will also look at issues in a very acute way. This professor also says that this kid's undergraduate institution will be frowned upon. He said that they look more favorably upon 'better' undergraduate institutions. Wait a second, if you are truly committed to diversity then wouldn't you want kids from a host of differing undergraduate institutions and not just upper crust ivy league schools? These people throw out diversity hoping that it will justify affirmative action. This is what is happening here. They can't use past injustice to justify it and rightly so. They throw diversity out there hoping it will work. They treat diversity like it was written in the Ten Commandments. Seriously these higher education people eat up diversity. The only problem is that they don't really want true diversity. They want to put it on paper and the fact that they have 15% black students, and 47% female students and 8% asian students isn't true diversity. If you claim diversity as a goal then you have to take action that is reasonably related to accomplishing that goal. These places don't.
I am sick and tired of people saying that race doesn't matter and then turning around and saying we are putting a giant emphasis on race. That makes it matter. I think we should get rid of racial statistics. People should stop thinking in terms of race. Our goal should be that nobody really cares what percentages of what race are in your school. When people say that because we have this certain percentage of different races we have diversity they are handicapping those they are trying to help. Also they say they want it to reflect proper distributions in society. In other words if society at large, in the U.S., is 18% black then higher institutions should be about 18% black. This professor wants the kid who wrote the article to "come back to the real world". He should take his own advice. Just because our society is one percentage of a certain race has little bearing on whether or not qualified applicants from that race apply at proper percentages to purport these statistics. Also to me that limits those races. Whose to say that a school couldn't be 50% black. It is not the same as the 'real world' distribution, but if those kids deserve to be there then they should be there. Sometimes setting up to specific of expectations creates a situation that will only allow those exact expectations to result. Kind of a self fulfilling prophecy. Oh well I am glad I didn't apply to Yale Law School, because I would hate to be taught by someone who is so pretentious.

Lazy Bums

I mean this literally. I saw one bum today in grand central station and that guy wasn't even awake. I mean c'mon buddy. He was sitting the the little space inbetween the up and down escelator. If you are going to beg for money than at least be awake for it. This was not compelling at all for me. I mean I have seen some bums with some pretty good ideas. Many say they have kids and they can't get a job, blah blah blah..... That is decent because it gets out of towners to donate. You see this a lot in big tourist centers. People from here are thinking 'yeah you can't get a job because you spend your days begging on the subway'. I think I would be more impressed if they brought a kid with them. Obvioiusly physical disfigurement is probably the best. That really tugs at the heart strings. I also saw a protestor who was hating on our economic policy and everybody needs to be above the poverty level and it is everyone's duty to do this. This same protester then scoffed at a bum who asked him for money. Ideology and practice don't always link up I guess.

Maybe something funny will happen tomorrow. I blame my lack of intersting posts on two things: 1 law school keeping me to busy, which does two things. A it keeps me busy and I dont' have time to think up funny lists and B it takes up my time and I don't get to be out in the world having things happen. 2 not enough interesting stuff is going on. Usually a trip to midtown creates a plethera of material. Today it was just blase. Not good, maybe during my run tomorrow some crazies will be out.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Two thoughts while I should be asleep

first is an open comment to whomever drives the trash trucks between the hours of 12 am and 7 am. Seriously please find a trash truck that is not quite so noisy. It seriously sucks. I mean we can send a man to the moon, but your hydraulics still must sound like t-rex just took a fresh hunk out of an opera singer right outside my window. I don't come to your apartment during the day and keep you up so please refrain.

Secondly, if I see one more sign that says 'don't elect Bush President; again', then I will puke on the signs holder. Please if you are a protestor than at least take some time to learn a little bit about the topic you are protesting about. There is a neat little document called The Constitution. In that document there is a couple paragraphs on elections. One of these paragraphs speaks specifically about presidential elections. You were actually never given the 'right' to vote for the president. The electoral college is picked by the states. What is that you say? You think that you vote for your representatives that go to the electoral college? The answer is no you don't. The states actually pick them and the states don't have to pick the party you have voted for. Now I understand that they have for many years and people would be angry if they didn't. What is that you ask? Has this ever happened before? Yes it has happened before. One president, and I will do something nice for whomever can name this president, had it happen. It was well regarded that we, as a nation, wanted only George Washington to be the only president ever to be elected unanimously by the electoral college. One state, even more kudos if you can name the state, decided to cast their ballot in direct opposition to what their voters wanted. So next time you see a sign like that please impart this knowledge on the person holding the sign. The more I see people 'taking a stand for what they believe in' the more I believe that people are idiots. I mean twenty minutes research before an hours protest should be manditory especially when we have the internet.
Lastly, and sorry for the rant, it is readily apparent when we see what the news organizations talk about. The big new story, that has garnered front page coverage for at least two weeks now, is the swift boat controversy. I mean could people argure over a more pointless subject. let me speak about the Republicans first. C'mon guys you know you love this crap. I mean there are obvious connections to the White House with this thing. Please don't tell me that your highest officials in your re-election campaign knew about it, but you had nothing to do with it. I mean we aren't as ignorant as you think. Next I will deal with the Democrats. Can we please stop with the hypocrisy. You do not have the right to tell the Republicans that they have to denounce these things. You invited Micheal Moore to your national convention for Christ's sake. You still get a better shake of it in the media, because the media doesn't say anything bad about all the 527 groups that basically call George Bush a dictator and a murderer. Your basically the pot calling the kettle black.
Lastly, seriously this time, to the protestors today at times square. Showing boobs loses half of your audiences attention automatically. Yeah you dropped your clothes and got national media coverage, but every man I know that was there commented not on your message, but on how "the third girl from the left had great tits". The guys that weren't there were asking if there were any hot girls that dropped 'trou'. Yes 'trou' is short for trousers and we can thank Jack Black for that. Enough ranting for one night. We learned that trash trucks suck, ignorant people suck, politicians suck, and naked chicks messages are never heard by males.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

meat on the street

I don't know how I feel about getting meat from the street vendors. It just doesn't seem that sanitary to me. It makes me think of that Simpsons episode where they head to NY. Pretty funny stuff. I just see them carting that stuff around and it doesn't look good. I really have serious doubts that you can store meat at a cool temperature as to keep it from spoiling all day in a cart that doesn't have any refrigeration. Total change of subject. I just got off the phone so that whole bit about crappy meat from a cart; yeah i'm over it. A couple rabbits die. People eat gross meat. whatever. I just saw a commercial for 'extreme makeover'. I think that I am gonna add that to my prenuptial agreement. Wifey has to have an extreme makeover every ten years or every 50 pounds. Whichever comes first. That would be good I think. Also the wb network should be cancelled. Without cable I am forced to see what is on it. I'll give you a hint, nothing. Apparently something about amish people in california. Hey guess what wb executives. amish people are boring. I am sorry but they are. that is just life. It's like if mtv's real world was cast with all young professionals that work for 90 hours a week. Nothing would happen. drunk stupid crazy people are more fun to watch. one of the amish people thought she was so crazy cause she got a belly button ring. it's like middle school 90210. anyways

To the annoying person in all my classes

Let me start off by saying that we are stuck with you all year. I have no choice. The school put you in all my classes. This means that everyone that you have class with now you will have class with all year. Of course this excludes those in other sections in our larger classes, but for the most part you will be with these same people. My first real tip is that when any question starts out "I don't want to be this person, but", that question should be ended right there. Also if you ask a question right before break and the professor says I don't know the case you are talking about, but says that he already knows the answer and don't worry about it, then it does not make sense to find the exact case and blurt it out after break. He will answer that he was right when he originally answered. Luckily he made a good joke out of the thing and people enjoyed his joke. As far as being with everyone for the whole year. You have already become that person. It is really only the first week of class. That means two things to me:1 that you can toss this persona and become less annoying and people will be happy that you did, 2 you can keep annoying and ensure yourself that whenever you see people whispering, whether in the cafeteria or in the courtyard or in a classroom or on the elevator or in the bookstore or anywhere, you can be assured that you are being pointed out as 'that annoying girl in my,blank, class'. the blank being that they will say which class they have with you and the latest annoying thing you did. This is a small school. You will not be liked. It's petty that this goes on, but I have to say that I have been guilty of it myself. I try not to but sometimes it just comes out. So seriously chill out and stop asking dumb questions. This is also the girl who asked what we will be graded on during the first class. I will also use this persons experience to make sure to think twice about commenting in class. For those of you going to law school soon don't be this person. If you ever precede a comment by saying what this person says then don't say the comment. Also remember that at least your not a horse. if this person were a horse they would have been taken out back and shot already.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Been a while

Bear with me until at least this weekend. I haven't been able to get on the internet at home and I can't really do this in class. We get our internet set up on friday or saturday. I will have a good long post around then. Sorry for the delay. And a bad joke just so that there is something funny. Or not funny. At least an attempt. "Why do women have breasts??????? So that men have something to look at when their talking." Peter Griffin

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Pigeons and beer pong. Yes, they are related.

So I got hit by another pigeon. This is not good. I think it is some type of sign, but I just don't know what it is supposed to be telling me. I quizzed a few more people about it and apparently I am the first human to have had this happen to them. Maybe I could get in the guinness book of world records. There was a man that got hit by lightening like eight times. I imagine the odds of getting hit by pigeons eight times is low. Plus how could I really document it. Anyways, I don't like it and apparently it is not good bar talk. I was hitting on this woman right. Two signs that it was not going well were that she said she was thirty and that I was just way too young for 'someone like her'. That translates into someone who is thirty and not as attractive as her. Seriously though she was georgous. I figured in a city of eight million the odds are low that I will actually face her agian so what the hell. Also because of this fact, and about half a handle of bourbon swashing around in my abdomen, I decide to forage on. This is when the second sign of not being interested came in. She said 'hey here is my friend you should meet her'. Shortly after the intro she decided to excuse herself to use the bathroom. This was girl language for I have to go so that my elaborate plan to not talk to you anymore, which I have been thinking up while I was pretending to listen to you speak, can go into action. She is off to the bathroom. Her friend, who apparently knew the plan well started going into a story about their friends and how they were supposed to meet up but there was a mix up and they were somewhere else. The original girl comes back from the bathroom, I don't even think she walked in the right direction, and says that her friends called her and they were in this other bar and they were going to meet them, but it was very nice to meet me. First off you have to be kidding me. Ladies just tell someone you don't want to talk to them, or better yet just say that you aren't interested. Seriously when you think up these lame excuses and carry out these intricate plans guys know what is going on. Sometimes we keep talking just to see how far you will go not to talk to us. Maybe I shouldn't use we because I may be the only one who does this. Another thought, this is bad that I have been rejected enough times to identify what girls and do and enough times to observe it a lot. Seriously if you tell someone you have a boyfriend and then they see you making out with three different dudes that night then your lie didn't take you that far. In the end guys are fine with rejection. Also if you think they are genuinely a nice guy and you don't want to hurt their feelings then do this, say 'hey I am sorry I am just not interested in you, but you were so nice let me buy you a drink'. No guy will ever leave that situation with a bad thing to say about you. I promise and also you gave him a clear 'you've got no shot direction' so that he will leave you alone. Also he gets a departing gift and those are really great.
So how does this tie into beer pong. Well writing about bars brought that whole thing to mind so I wrote it. Beer pong is played in bars. On the surface this is a wonderful idea. Then you think about it a little bit. They do give you clean cups so that is a plus. Next you meet new people that you probably wouldn't have talked to. That is a plus. They are more minuses than plusses though. The first minus being that sometimes there are really long lines. Not fun at all. Next the ball hits the floor. Let's think about this people. You are at a bar. A quasi-public space. People walk all over that floor. They have walked all over the city. Most likely stepping in some pigeon poo, and now you get the connection. Also people puke on those floors and I imagine every once in a while some drunkard pisses the floor. So you pick up this ball and submerge it in a cup of water and it is supposed to be all clean. I know this goes the same for beer pong at home, but you know clean your floors are and can control some of these things. Next is that drunk people in a crowded bar chasing after a little ball that goes under bar stools quite easily is just a bad idea. I mean there is the obvious that you will knock some over or fall over yourself, but there is also the fact that you have to put your head waist height. No the airspace around the guys ass that you have to get close to to pick up that ball is not a place you want to be. Lastly people try and tell you to drink the beers that they had left over. I just laughed at the dude that tried this. I want to do a study on communicable diseases and the beer pong bars that spread them. I mean I drink after my friends, but not after some dude with a huge soar on his lip that looks like some sort of miniature chernobyl. If I am gonna do this I may as well do a sex in africa tour trying to have sex in every village in the country and only bringing one condom. It's like playing russian roulette with five full chambers and one empty one. Except this is the aids take home version. Seriously it should be in the book entitled when good ideas go bad. It's like when guys hear about marriage. They are thinking that there will be this woman who says i'll have sex with you for the rest of your life. This makes you happy. Then you get married and find out that they meant it will only happen annualy. And not on any leap years or days of the week that end in y. enough ranting for one night. There are some things that should be left out of the bar scene and some things stay exclusively at the bar. Beer pong I think is one of these. It'd be like knife throwing the bar version, or weird old gay guy in running shorts sits at the bar all night the apartment version. That is a story in itself. Also there is a story about cheekbones that is pretty funny. That will come out in the 'when women say that straight guys should compliment them like gay guys' edition. They really don't mean it, and then they say hey I know someone you will like and they grab their one friend who is out with all the girls and he carries his own purse. And yes that is akward.

A small conjecture about motivation

After only being in law school for two days I find myself doing some things obsessively. One of these is if I don't know a word I will look it up. I mean I know the meaning of about 90 percent of my own words. The other 8 percent I pretty much know the meaning, but I couldn't write it down for the unabridged if you get my gist. The other 2 percent are pretty much a crapshoot and I only use them around people I am about certain don't know the meaning and so whatever I say the meaning is they will take at full value. Yeah it's life. So anyways I do this looking up thing almost compulsively. The whole point of this paragraph boils down the the word conjecture. It fit in the 8 percent category. So I looked it up and it was perfect for this post. After you get done looking it up......you will find out that it really conveys a lot more than at face value and it captures the essence of what I wanted to say perfectly.
Now that we have that out of the way here is my conjecture. So I think men are motivated by simple things and women are more motivated by complex things. Men I think have the top two motivations. These are money and women. Of course this excludes gay men, but I think women can be interchangeable under their condition for men. The order of those top two is different depending on the person. The reasons I think this are because of how easily men are swayed and how women can use their sexual appeal to get thier way. I think this is a pretty intuitive guess here. I mainly formed it after watching two movies. One was Ace Ventura Pet Detective and one was some movie with Demi Moore called Disclosure. In the former a woman uses her charms to convince Ace to look at suspects other than her. I know that some will actually remember this movie and point out that she was a man and had a sex change. Listen I am not talking about her inparticular I am making a bigger statement about all women so just chill out and don't get bogged down in the details. In Disclosure Demi Moore uses her sex appeal to get the guy, I forget his name but he is pretty famous, to make out with her and risk his marriage and all this so that she can get him fired. It was a very complicated motivation on her part. She went through all the steps that one wouldn't think of to get him fired and completely cover it up. Here is what I am getting at. The men were driven by sex and money in both movies. In boils down to that. The women had very complex motivations. This is why I think you see women marry rich old dudes. You say it's just for the money, but that being the case men would do it to and they don't. Also I think it strenghtens my though about men because they marry these women. They have the money their next obvious motivator is the women. I of course am no different. You can take your guess about my top motivation if you want. I was going to make this relative to male and female success but it doesn't stretch that far. Maybe some of you readers have a feeling on this topic. I would love to hear about it in the comment box. Maybe I can develop this into a thesis paper and sell it to psychology majors all across the country. See money is motivating me. Oh well can't fight nature.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Quick Thought

In class today there were some kids that raised their hand every time a question went out. I believe the name attached to them is 'gunner'. I think I know who they are. I will later tell if I was correct or incorrect. Also during the break, classes are long and we have a little break in the middle, some girl runs up to the professor to argue her point. I have heard that after class there are people that literally run up to the professor to start asking questions. I will deem them runners. This girl was doin a bit of runnin and gunnin today. I think i'll make that joke tomorrow. People sitting next to me in class will laugh because they understand. Actually i'll wait until someone identifies here as a gunner and then someone else says yeah she also runs up to the professor right after class and during break. On second though I will not do this. I will only leave it up on this site and that will be the last I ever say about it. I don't think it will be funny to anyone. All that will happen is you get one of those forced laughs where people know you made a joke that wasn't funny at all, but since they are polite they force out a laugh anyways.

Sorry Amanda

I love getting comments. Don't get me wrong they are what keep me motivated. The only thing is, is that I am trying to keep this anonymous. I know that many of my friends from back home know it is me and that is fine. I just don't want poeple who are up here with me now to know. Not that I will say anything bad about them or anything like that, but I just think it is better that way and it keeps me more objective. Amanda I had to get rid of your comment because it made a very identifiable reference. I know you didn't mean it at all and I love you to death. I am extremely glad that you are reading this and I hope it is helpful to you!! Andy, Andrew, and ......, I don't know any other names that have Andrew as the name, are allright. That is fine because Andrew is a common name and who even says it has to be mine. Either way thanks you guys for reading and commenting.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

First day of real class

So law school is going to be really hard. Admittedly it was the first day and this is the first time doing things like we are doing. Even our teacher told us the whole practice of law is kind of like a fog. At one point you are immersed in the fog with no clue what is going on, but other times you are out of the fog and seeing things clearly. So basically the certainty many are looking for in the law isn't there. It is interesting though. The professors seem very intelligent. I imagine it is like learning a new language though. At first you have no clue what is going on, but as you began to put things together everything makes a little more sense. I think it deviates from learning a language in that in learning a language there is the point where you fully understand it. I don't think the law will come to that that point. I don't think there is actual full understanding and people, of whom are extremely bright, will always disagree. I just hope to get better at it.
On a lighter note I have decided that every errand in New York can be a fun one. I was heading to get gas turned on in our apartment. A seemingly boring task. At home I would have gone to my car and driven to the place and interacted only with the people in the business. In NY I got out into the city. I listened for five minutes as an apparent schizophranic, my spelling is way off here I am sure, went on about his philosophy in life. It got a little weird when he started yelling at someone who wasn't there and after that it was indistinguishable what he was saying. Also I have learned that the walk don't walk signs are merely a suggestion. I mean if it says walk there is always someone in a car taking a right and going through the lane. Also if it says don't walk people go anyways. I think they should just have signs that say don't cross if a car is crossing the cross walk. Maybe there were too many crosses in that statement. On a completely unrelated statement I think that pigeons hate me. Maybe there was something that I did to them as I child that I don't remember? I don't know at all. All I know is that three pigeons have run into me. I have asked around, at the amusement of some number of people, and they have never been hit by pigeons. I need to look into this a little more closely. That is about the amount of time I have for now. On saturday I am going to trek into manhattan. That usually helps me come up with some better observations. Outside of the law school bubble that is Joralemon street. Maybe I will chase some pigeons and try and instill some fear into them. Maybe in a big tourist area like times square. People would get a kick out of it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Law School Has Begun

so yeah it has started. Everyone is officially 'scared straight' so to speak. We had a meeting today about case briefing and about time management. Listen to what the woman said "You should have 7 hours of free time every week. That should be plenty of time to have a life". so that is kind of scary. Yeah tell me about it. I don't want to talk about law school right now because I am dreading it. Once I am into the work I will.
let me give all people in NY a warning. Don't go to the target on flatbush and atlantic ave in brooklyn. One huge mass of humanity. Just crazy stuff. Never have I seen a store that has an escelator for your shopping cart. It was ridiculous. Also you know that you are in the wrong place when you are really pissed that they don't even remotely have what you want and you are looking at something thinking how disgusting it is and some woman next to you, I am being nice calling this thing a woman, goes 'well isn't that just so pretty'. So I promptly left the store. Another bad sign is when the cops are running through the subway stop trying to 'catch' somebody. Doesn't make you feel too safe.
Get this story though. When originally shopping for shelves I went to a very expensive, trendy store. Really cool shelves, but a bit on the expensive side. The girl working there was probably the hottest girl I have ever seen in my life. I am walking in the subway today and she says hello and remembers my name. Yeah I am drawing a blank and she can see it and tells me her name. I still don't remember her, mostly because my brain has stopped becuase she is so hot. I mean she is really hot. I mean really hot. Seriously she is hot. so I tell her I am going to target to look for shelves. She kind of snickers then gets on the train. Now that target sucked I have to face going back into her store to get the expensive shelves. Hopefully I can tell her the story and she will agree and then want to go back to my place. Pushing it? yes. I guy has to have dreams though. I mean she was really, really hot. Anyways I think that was my full allotted free time for the day. Back to the salt mines. figuratively of course

student loan counseling

This crap is manditory for all students that take out a federal loan. Let me give you the gist of it.
1. You will pay back every penny you burrow plus a lot of interest.
2. when you get out of school your interest will be capitalized and will be added to the principal amount.
3. We now own your soul and will dangle it above you occasionally.
4. Isn't it depressing that it may take you 30 years to pay this shit off.
5. Even if you don't get a job you have to pay us.
6. Yes we are just federal loan sharks.
7. No there is no excuse for not making a payment.
8. No we don't care if your house burnt down with your mother in it.
9. In fact there is a penalty because of that. If it was your mother in law there would have been a deduction.
10. We will make you take a quiz just to make sure that you have fully read and understood that we now own you.
11. Did you want to go into public interest law? I am sorry you now owe way too much money to do that.
12. You now have to make a budget for you and your next 8 generations. With all appropriate schedules and appendices.
13. The will be a planning meeting on how to plan to budget in conference room C followed by doughnuts and innane chatter.
14. click that you understand the terms of agreement so it is official that you know you are being ass raped.
15. Smile when repaying all loans or else there is a fee.
16. In fact there is a fee for everything so whether you smile or not we don't care. Just pay up.
And it even has the audacity to have this little gem of a quote in the top corner "dreams can come true...with proper planning"

Sunday, August 15, 2004

little bit about law school

So i just got back from orientation. here is the gist of it. Went to meet with orientation counselor. Spent five minutes going over what they gave us and hour to go over. Went to the bar. Had some drinks. Went to listen to some speakers. They were pretty good, but they did talk a lot. Imagine that, a bunch of lawyers being long winded. Heard a good lawyer joke. Went back to a reception. Was told to go to the bar tonight. Was given a map of all the bars in the area. So what have we learned. The first thing is that all people in law school are lushes. Not neccessarily the blacking out drinking drunks, but the lets drink all day long drunks. Also lawyers know that everyone makes lawyer jokes, but right after the joke everyone then asks them legal advice. They know that everyone needs them. They also know they make a lot of money. Also what is with all this planning and reading. Seriously I think tomorrow I have a meeting to plan to plan to make a plan to formulate a plan to add to index B in the planning manual. Lawyers are paid by the hour and I think my first real legal lesson is how to take something that could actually take five minutes and stretch into three weeks worth of work. Seriously think about it, my next three days consist of going to class that teaches us what it will be like to go to class. Doesn't anyone else see the irony here. I now know that I will be reading more than humanly possible. And everyone says only top 5% of the class get the classy six figure job and not to expect it. This coming from a person that is already three drinks deep at three in the afternoon who also said she carved her schedule around happy hours. So it appears I have two paths, be filthy rich or be filthy drunk. both appealing to me. Anyways I have to go read subsection eight of appendix D so that I can appear before subcommittee A and B and report on how planning to plan is really better than just planning alone because then your planning goes more smooth and also a brief aside on how planning to plan to plan makes the whole process three times better. My report will then be bound for publication and then bound better for publication in a bigger book and then put in a huge hardback book on planning speeches and how to prepare for them. NO actually I am going to the bar. I have now officially taken one step down lush road. Hopefully somewhere there is a thru street leading to filthy rich road. Seriously there are 8 million thru streets in New York and you can't turn until 8th street between eight to five monday thru friday. New Yorkers will get that joke. goodbye

Friday, August 13, 2004


so I decided that after doing my banking in Manhattan I would just walk around for a while. It was fun and I learned a lot of things. I would first like to say that it is my second day without driving. I find that I am cussing, honking, and flicking off a lot less now. Honking is an obvious one. I am cussing less because when you are not in your car you don't feel as safe. If someone walking in front of you cuts you off then there isn't much you can do. if you cuss at them then you face the probability of getting punched or kicked. I wouldn't like that. Flicking off is about the same as cussing. Also when you are driving you are flicking off or cussing at red toyota or blue honda. When you are on the sidewalk you are cussing or flicking off that individual person. It takes more for me to get pissed at a person than a car.
My next observation is about dogs. I feel bad for NYC dogs. This one woman had this little dog and it looked like it never touched grass in its entire life. Also its only little shred of hope was peeing on a tree. I mean let's face it that is a great thing for a dog. They love that stuff. Every time this dog got close to a tree it would just dash at it and it's owner would yank it away so hard it would yelp. I think if dogs could commit suicide than the NYC dog suicade rate would be phenominal. Also I am more and more convinced that owners of their dogs do resemble their dogs greatly. Or is it the other way around? Either way I don't want to resemble a dog.
I also want to talk about tourists. Don't get me wrong I have only been here for three days, but its a pretty fast learning curve. One thing you notice is that when a bicycler, spelling is way off here, blows his little whistle New Yorkers just pay no attention to it. The tourist jump for cover like they just saw a rocket exploding. It's quite funny really. Back to walking for a second though, this woman was coming up from behind me and said on your left. Kind of like people do when they are snow skiing. It really wasn't a bad idea though. I am sure there are a lot of walking accidents in this city. I wonder what the statistics are for that. I also wonder if insurance covers it. I am glad I am not really short. That wouldn't be helpful here. Well I have been reduced to incoherent rambling so that means its time to stop writing. I think I am gonna write a post about the difference between udon and sushi although I still don't know what udon is. I think it's a noodle. Also that 'why I hate the Jersey turnpike' post is in the works. I just get soo angry when I start writing it that I have to stop.

Top Five List

Top ten reasons moving crap from Virginia sucks.
5: Tiny elevators. is it me or is old stuff just smaller. I mean seriously in the past was everybody small? This elevator was designed for midgets.
4: Parking in New York. I drove for an hour looking for a spot. I had to park illegally. It was not fun.
3: Tolls. Think about how much money they make off that crap. Did my little u-haul really cost 12 dollars to cross a bridge. Somebody is getting really rich of that. Maybe i'll build a bridge one day and charge people to cross it. It would probably cost less than law school.
2: Not being able to pump your own gas. I have already passed preschool. I can fit the little circle block in the circle hole. I can also squeeze. Those two tasks combined allow me to pump gas on my own. Can we stop adding crappy little jobs where you are forced to tip somebody. Whomever came up with that law sucks. I hope the person pumping gas into their car throws a bag of sugar into it. Or maybe I will. That would make it more fun and personal.
1: The New Jersey turnpike. I won't say much about it because I am going to do an entire post dedicated to how much the New Jersey turnpike sucks. I really hate it.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

and I am all moved in

so yeah like I was talking about moving sucks. One hour driving around the same NYC block in a u-haul truck trying to find a parking spot is not pleasant. My freinds that helped me move in saved my life. I would still slowly be haulin my stuff in little by little and putting it down to use the key to open the door and then putting it down again to hit the elevator button. I'd have thousands of tickets and be in debtor's prison. I do love it here though. The city is a lot of fun and there is always something going on. Moving still sucks though. After this I will post a top five or ten reasons why moving crap from Virginia to New York sucks. Law school is about to start and I am looking forward to it. i finally got my room set up too. That took forever. So not much poignant talk here, but once school starts and my days consist of more than just unpacking boxes and drinking alcohol then I am sure it will pick up a bit.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Boring Day

I first off want to say thanks to whomever decided to actually leave a comment. That tells me that at least one person out there is reading this. That is enough motivation for at least three more months of this. It’s my next to last night here and the next days are all about moving. That sucks. Moving is not fun at all. I can’t wait till I can hire other people to move for me. That seems like a good investment to me. I am also glad that my roommate to be called tonight. I found out that I was ahead of him on the reading we have due. That is both good and bad. It is good because I know that I am at least ahead of him, but it is bad because know that I know that I am ahead of somebody I am watching football on television. Go Skins. Not much to say because today was not eventful at all. Just really busy. So that is all for today. Probably won’t have time to post again until Thursday when I will be sure to post something funny about how much driving on the jersey turnpike sucks or just moving in general.

Sunday, August 08, 2004


So the weekend was great. Drank way too much like always. I imagine the lack of drinking and heightened stress about to hit will help push pass those extra pounds from no stress at all and lots of drinking. I just found out today that the book I have to read for CivPro is actually 320 pages long. I though New York would be a fun place to hang out since I have about five days before class starts. Boy I was wrong about that. I was telling everyone that I had 500 pages of reading before classes start. I was really wrong about that. I have way more than that. Fun stuff. One notion I re-inforced this weekend is that when bad things happen to other people it is really funny. When one of my friends lost to other friends in beer pong he decided driving home was the apprpriate response. So he gets in his car, all while people are trying to stop him, and promptly backs into a parked car. His girlfriend was crying and shreiking like someone just died. Everyone was laughing and having a great time with it. It was even funnier the next day when we saw that the dent in the parked car was actually a whole lot bigger than we originally thought. The thing is I really like them both. They are good people and fun to hang out with. I just think that other people's misery is funny and I am sure that when crappy stuff happens to me people laugh very hard.
One more comment because this is more and more becoming a good forum just to rant about nothing. I now realize that spell check on Microsoft Word has reduced my spelling accuracy to about a third grade level. I don't have it on this and am constantly perplexed on how to spell words. I am so dependant on it that I actually open up a blank word document and when I come to a particularly tough word, words such as and, the, I, am, and too, I throw them into the word document to see if they are spelled right. Sometimes I am dead on and they are all spelled right and other times I am way off and it is kind of a downer. This long rant has come to an end. Only two more days of living in this state and this region of the country. I notice that I have been looking at the stars a lot because I won't be able to see them once I gone. I think people miss things just because they are not there. Like I never looked at the stars before for like a year and then the other day I did and was like "I am going to miss these in NYC". That was a dumb comment. I mean if I don't look at them for a year down here then I obviously have no problem not looking at them. This relationship, if you can call it that, really molds into other aspects of life. People that have power abuse it for no good reason at all, let's just look at Slick Willy who said he had relations with Monica because he could. If they never used the power they would still have it and it would be fine, but by using it they are reminded that they have. I have also noticed that my grammar and all around command of commas and periods suck. I can't wait till I have a secretary or assistant to do these meaningless tasks like spell-checking for me. Then I can fire them and re-hire them the next day just so that they know who is boss.

Friday, August 06, 2004


I read a lot about people giving advice for the LSAT. I ran over one opinion that I just cannot back. This person writes about how when you are studying your whole non-working life should be the LSAT. They said that you should forgo women, or men for women, and a social life and drinking and having fun for studying the LSAT. While one or two weeks before the test this is probably a good idea, but this person was talking about doing this for months. My thought is that if you have to study that hard for the LSAT then you probably are not cut out for law school. I mean don't get me wrong I studied a lot. I think though, if you have to shut out the outside world, this person also said to cut yourself off from local and national politics and only pay attention to the LSAT, then you are probably gonna go crazy. I mean think of just practicing for one three hour test for three months time. You would go nuts. If you find that you have to do this good rethink law school. Of course if you can do this than you probably have a lot of dedication which will help you to succeed. Either way just studying for one test and not going out and shutting out the outside world is no way to live. Sorry about all the rants today. People are just weird. it's time to head back to the Alma Mater so that I can spend one last weekend making my liver hate me.

Please help me out here.

So I watch a lot of political television. I have two things here to rant about. First, please no more musicians or actors trying to enter the political frey. I definitely do not want to hear anymore political advice from Gene Simmons. Likewise the Dixie Chicks need to look for some more wide open spaces and leave the political arena alone. Anyone that actually changes their vote or has their position reassured from hearing Ben Affleck speak has to be kidding theirself. I don't think we need any more multi-millionares telling us how middle america feels and thinks. We already have two of those running for President and that is by far enough.
One other thing about politics is I want to know if anyone can tell me what John Kerry will do as President of the United States. I mean all he says is that he will fight a better war on terror and he will create more jobs and he will get other nations behind us. Seriously can anyone tell me how he is going to do this? I have never heard him make any statement that is more concrete than an outline. If I turned in a proposal to my boss that was fashioned after one of his speeches I would get fired immediately. I mean can you really be happy knowing that your party is running you not as a candidate in your own right, but as an alternative. His own party said that they didn't want him defining the issues because he could come out too strong one way or the other and lose voters. I pose this as a challenge to the two or maybe even three people that actually take their time to read this to explain to me what he is going to do in some more acute a sense.

It's all on how you look at it

So I got my schedule for classes for the fall today. I was actually very excited to get it. The more I looked through the packet I began to see all the assignments that were due the first day of class and then I saw all the books I was gonna have to buy. It quickly went from an exciting thing to kind of a downer. I think this is how most things are. It depends on how you take the news on how you react to the news. I then decided that getting classes was a great thing because those were the teachers that would all be giving me A's at the end of the semester. The beer pong tournament starts this weekend. I imagine that it will be a lot of fun and come sunday or monday there will be at least one interesting post. My old alma mater always seems to be the setting for crazy things.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Leaving Home

I didn't really think about it but I have never lived more than an hour from Salem. I can't wait to be a couple states away. I really don't know/talk to anyone that still lives here. I sit around the house a lot now that I am away from Blacksburg and am fairly unproductive. I've also decided that a town that drives on average ten miles under the speed limit should raise each speed limit by fifteen miles an hour. Also if the only time you actually make national news is when it talks about your way higher than average divorce rate you may need to start thinking about disbanding and starting all over. I imagine if my mom and dad didn't live here then I would never come here again. It's nice hanging out with your parents. I am glad to be able to see them for a while before I leave.

Also I am glad to leave some girls behind. Some their fault but most my fault. It's nice to be able to start over again. Now when somebody sees something about somebody cheating on someone I will no longer hear a story about my freshman year.

That is all for now. I am sure that after this weekend especially posts will begin to get more humorous and less reflective. I am new at this so we'll see.

First Post

so i've decided to do a blog about law school and my life. I feel a bit of an egomaniac for doing this, but I think it will serve kind of as a journal of how I feel when going through this tumultous time. Many others have done it and I think it will be good for me.

I leave in exactly one week. I have some fears and I am really excited about some things. i believe the things I am excited about are fairly self explanatory. my fears revolve mostly around my roomate. I am back in the situation where a roomate is assigned to me. Last time this happened I ended up with quite a character. This kid proposed to his girlfriend online, twacked to cartoon porn, never did laundry, wore the same dirty clothes all semester, and then he left to pursue his dreams, which were to work in the fast food industry in Ohio. Not exactly the college experience I wanted. Of course I have talked to my new roomate and he doesn't seem anything like the first kid. Also we are in an apartment and not sharing one tiny room.

I know this is long and most, if any started at all, have stopped reading by now, but I think law schools really are preparing you to work for a big firm. I just got a package in the mail that contained a couple hundred pages of reading that are supposed to prepare us for our preparation to study law. That seems to me like basic billing 101. Only time will tell I am sure. Later I will post with what I hope to get out of law school and some comments about my hometown and why, after living back here for two weeks, I am even more ready to leave then when I was leaving for college. Thanks for reading!